Our Story
     New Start is a Faith Based Youth Outreach Ministry with roots extending throughout the community to encourage, refocus, and reinforce positive growth in today’s youth. The Youth Ministry is among the leaders in developing pro-active programs to regain the promise of hope and a future for all our teens. Whether currently at a state ran facility or just in the beginning stages of developing bad habits New Start strives to offer the promise of hope, change, and forgiveness.​
      New Start is the vision of Director, Steve Miller, He has seen many changes over the past 18 years as to how discipline issues with young people have been addressed at all levels from parenting to state control. The one thing that has always been constant is the need for our young people to have HOPE. 
      Our mission is to reach teenagers who society considers the least, the last and the lost. Our teens have often been forgotten, abused, or abandoned. They have made poor decisions and are now facing the consequences of those choices. Our goal is to encourage, refocus, and reinforce positive growth in our youth.
     The need for this ministry is overwhelming. Youth today live in a world of hopelessness. Most come from a single, or no parent environment. All feel that they are tolerated rather that loved. The one thing that has always been constant is the need for our young people to have HOPE. Ninety percent of the teens participating in New Start openly admit that they have committed a wrong-doing, broken a law or committed a sin, in which they feel there is no forgiveness. No forgiveness from loved ones, no forgiveness from the law, no forgiveness from God, and no forgiveness for themselves. If a child feels there is no forgiveness, then there is no hope in that child. No hope for the present and certainly no hope for the future.
     We believe that throughout life, every person is given opportunities to change their current situation. No matter what choices have been made in the past, there is always a time to move forward. Due to their sphere of influence, many young people face unbelievable challenges in understanding the power of a decision. Our teachings focus  on the belief that God works through New Start to answer the calls for help from these young people. While it is ultimately New Start’s mission to assist in guiding our children to God’s door, we humbly recognize and honor the individual's right to choose. We simply make ourselves available for God’s use to promote a greater understanding of His grace and rightfully credit God for any success. Our goal is to join God where he is already at work in the lives of our young people.  
At New Start we are honored as God’s servants to, “Teach them in the way they should go.” 


Sharing Our Story
To share this hope with our youth, New Start has 23 volunteer mentors. Our teaching schedule includes seeing approximately 75 young people each week at five separate locations, with meetings six days a week. Those locations include a maximum  security facility, an alternative school setting, several residential facilities and a church on a Saturday night

G4S Juvenile
Detention Facility
The Daytona Residential Treatment Facility serves 30 males, ages                       13 to 18, who have been adjudicated to a high-risk, sex offender              treatment program.  Program youth receive individual and family            therapy, as well as daily group services.

RAP Facility:
Adolescent Program   

RAP serves males and females aged 13 to 18 who reside in Volusia and       Flagler Counties and have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse               and/or dependence. Adolescents served by RAP have varying degrees                of substance abuse or dependency issues, ranging from progressive         chronic addiction to those who have entered an experimental stage                    of substance abuse but whose drug use can be therapeutically addressed    prior to severe adverse consequences. Co-existing problems (i.e., mental health, criminality) are common within the population and are therefore addressed in the treatment and continuing care planning process.

PACE Center for Girls

A prevention program for young ladies who struggle with
educational and behavior issues, and criminal misbehaviors.

PACE values all girls and young women,  believing each one   deserves an opportunity to find her voice, achieve her potential and celebrate a life  defined by responsibility, dignity, serenity and grace. 
PACE provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.

Beach House

The mission of Beach House is to help prevent juvenile crime and      involvement in the dependency system by enhancing the quality of life            for troubled youth, facilitating their self reliance, strengthening their     concern and caring for others, helping them to resolve and cope with     personal and family conflict and providing temporary shelter. New Start            is a partner in the mentorship of youth in this facility. Our goal is to         provide short term hope for the temporary fear in there lives.

Salty was birthed in 2005 by Lead Pastor Robbie O'Brien who was        challenged  to start a church that would reach the unchurched and                 de-churched along Florida's east coast.  It's only fitting that we now           celebrate new life through baptism in that very same water.
Since then, our mission remains the same. We are a rescue station for             the hurting and lost. We empower those who've been rescued to partner      with us in the rescue mission as disciples for Jesus.
Salty acts as New Start's life saving station for worship and teaching  those  youth who will be returning  home soon.

  New Start’s “prayer partner” program today has grown to over 105 youth and is headed by Susan Lazzell and Susan Miller. The Prayer program is available to all youth weekly via prayer request cards and the team meets weekly with that weeks selected group. With Susan’s devotion to prayer partnering, each New Start youth’s prayers are prayed for each week and daily. Prayer requests are also e-mailed to many others who have chosen to pray on a continual basis for New Start’s youth.
Beach House